CHAININ Mfg. CO., LTD. 14AMP Long Ferrule 16AMP End Cap made by Cold Forging parts. CNC Lathe Processing parts

We are the manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel pipe fitting and valve parts for winery, food, pharmaceutical industrial machinery facillities for more than 14 years in Taiwan.   We are also producing various parts with peripheral spare parts for semi-conductor industry use.  we adhere to the highest standard quality by setting up a strictly quality control by our professional CNC machined that gain a well reputation and satifaction by domestic customers and foreign customers. We are able to provide small quantities production by customized order at a time.   Our sophisticated and aggressive team work with very well communication in each department by closely cooperation whom are able to manufacturing and providing good service for your orders.  we assure that production fastest as well as good quality for each shipment on schedule.  Our factory are equipped with several the state-of-the-art CNC lathe and CNC milling machine and able to assured quality definitely better than most of manufactures in Taiwan.  All our employees are pursure high quality, high accuracy, high-efficiency and high precise on CNC machined that believed the quality persistence and consecutively to achieving milestone.  Especially, our experienced and tactful workmanship with professional in CNC automatic lathe technology can be operate good working and processing.  we are also provide customers with reasonable and competitively price that ensured quality along with the best shipping schedule.  Your design and drawing for customized to be acceptable for each order.  We are possibly to meet your requirements by enquiry to stainless steel or aluminum billet parts.  Please feel free to contact us and welcome you to visit our factory by set up an appoinment in advance.




Company Name: CHAININ Mfg. CO., LTD.  
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Address: No.54, Ren 3rd Rd., Pusin Township, Changhua County 513, Taiwan (R.O.C.)changhuaTaiwan
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